Research Index

As a budding scientist, I conduct research both independently (with my fusor), and in a lab. I currently work at UC Berkeley, though my appointment ends in June.

Fusion Research

In my garage, I work to model and optimize my fusor. I use plasma diagnostic tools, such as Langmuir probes (if I had more resources, I would add Thomson scattering), to determine some characteristics about the plasma in the chamber. I am in the process of quantifying the impact that contaminants have on the overall fusion rate, as well as a few other factors.

Langmuir Probe Circuit Diagram

3D Printing Research

Here, I create novel types of 3D printing filaments for use in industrial applications by adding functionalized particulate fibers, creating materials with superior thermal and mechanical properties. The materials are first modeled with a program I wrote.

An extruder in the lab I work in. It has Minecraft installed!
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