Coding projects

These are programs I have written or will write. At the moment, my programming knowledge is limited to Python.

Project #1: Composite material properties predictor

Hashin-Shtrikman bounds for the determination of the elastic modulus of any composite material. Courtesy of NIST

This program uses different methods and statistical models to generate an approximate value for any polymer composite. The property values are taken from the Polymer Handbook. This was highly useful for my research at Berkeley.

Status: Complete

Project #2: Open Access database compilation webpage

For a school project that involves volunteering on a social issue you care about (scientific publishing for me), I will create a webpage that contains links and instructions on how to use many open access tools and databases, as well as reasons for why it is better. It will then be sent to library websites for my school district.

Status: Undergoing development

Project #3: Open Access Firefox add-on

This would be a Firefox add-on that automatically searches for free PDFs of paywalled scientific papers from (legal) sites such as ResearchGate. I am not sure how I will do it, but I know that I want to. While it is related to Project #2, it is not for school, but for me.

Status: In my dreams

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